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Dear Mr. Recluse

Dear Mr. Recluse

Food blogger Su Shiyu loses a business opportunity she had been pursuing for months after her business partner engages in unfair competition. She is then compelled to accept a quirky task from Lin Xiaojian, the chairman of Haowei Coffee. The task? Convince his son, Lin Wei, to give up his meditation retreat and descend the mountain to inherit the family business. Su Shiyu initially believes that this is a simple matter of persuasion, but she repeatedly faces challenges. Lin Wei proves to be an immovable figure, deeply devoted to his meditation practices and possessing exceptional logical skills. Su Shiyu's social skills fail her in the face of Lin Wei's resolute stance. Despite this, through the process, Su Shiyu, who outwardly enjoys excitement but harbors inner loneliness, gradually learns true independence. She starts to draw closer to Lin Wei's way of life, and Lin Wei, in turn, starts to become intrigued. As two individuals from different worlds come together,……
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