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False Face and True Feelings

False Face and True Feelings

Ye Yifan, once an innocent youth, swears revenge after his family is slaughtered, transforming into the ruthless and enigmatic crime boss known as "Mr. Mo." It is in this guise that he encounters Xia Zhiqiu, a dancer. Thus begins a love game between hunter and prey. Ye Yifan gradually falls in love with Xia Zhiqiu due to her seduction, but he discovers that her true identity is Gu Qingyan, the daughter of his enemy. Meanwhile, to avenge her father, Gu Qingyan lays traps that Ye Yifan willingly falls into for the sake of love. As the two adversaries are entangled in a web of love and hate, genuine emotions surge beneath their masks. What fate awaits them, deeply in love yet torn apart by enmity?
10 m