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The Strange Princess

The Strange Princess

The mountain bandit king Ma Dayou kidnapped Princess Jiang Qian’er and was accidentally struck by lightning in the process. Miraculously, they swapped bodies and even shared each other’s feelings, becoming intertwined in fate. Jiang Qian’er wanted to swap back and marry her beloved young general Lu Tianxing, and Ma Dayou also wanted to avenge his father. The two had no choice but to compromise with reality and cooperate to overcome various difficulties. Prince Ying secretly plotted a rebellion, sending people to infiltrate Ma Dayou’s stronghold and take control of it for a secret military base. Jiang Qian’er, Ma Dayou, and Lu Tianxing moved into Prince Ying’s mansion, each with their own goals: Jiang Qian’er to investigate the death of Ma Dayou’s father and Lu Tianxing to find evidence of Prince Ying’s treason. Prince Ying rebelled ahead of schedule, overthrowing the court, and leaving Jiang Qian’er homeless. Lu Tianxing was also forced by his treacherous father to marry Prince Ying’s daughter, Jiang Kelan, to show loyalty. To deceive their way to safety, Jiang Qian’er, Ma Dayou, and Lu Tianxing pretended to be involved in a hilarious and tearful love triangle.
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